The spirit of the Academy

Baroque music : ornaments and foundations
July  7 – 13,  2019

This course, the only one of its kind in France, is based on mastering the musical language of baroque aesthetics :
– basso continuo and ornamentation
– perfecting the art of group performance on outstanding period instruments
– in-depth examination of the baroque music repertoire.

The course is aimed at musicians wishing to make progress with their careers and extending their knowledge of the various repertoires while perfecting their techniques on outstanding period instruments : the unique Lanvellec organ by Robert Dallam (1653) and the Thomas Dallam organ at Ploujean (1680).

The academy has hired exceptional teachers, musicians of international status and excellent pedagogues, all occupying teaching posts in the great French high schools of music (Paris, the Sorbonne, Lyon…).


The course allows professional musicians, members of orchestras, either basso continuo players (organ, harpsichord, viola da gamba, cello…) or treble parts (cornet, flute, recorder, violin, lute, singing…) to :

– develop skills and knowledge in performing ancient music

– mastering the musical language specific to the baroque aesthetics : ornaments and foundations (principles of basso continuo,  treble, ornamentation…)

– perfecting baroque orchestral performance through practice in common with keyboard, viola, cello, wind instruments students

– perfecting or adapting interpretation gestures and positions

– introducing rhetoric, speech, gestures of the baroque period to improve stage practice

And for keyboard players :

– developing the practice of both the organ and the harpsichord. The course has 2 aims : organists are acquainted with harpsichord playing, harpsichordists with organ playing.

This course is unique in its dual scope : organ and harpsichord and allows musicians to perfect their techniques.

The course centres on fundamentals, with practical training on the Robert Dallam organ of Lanvellec, a gem of European organ building.

It also includes putting into practice two basics of baroque art : the fondamento, i.e. the harmonic bases as provided by the organ, harpsichord and string bass in baroque music; the ornamento, as practised by instrumentalists and singers of the time.

The course will be enriched by new instrumental workshops :

In addition to organ (Thierry Maeder, Paris Conservatoire) and harpsichord classes (Bibiane Lapointe, music department of Paris/Boulogne), Paul O’Dette (Lute), Stéphanie Pfister (baroque violin), Emmanuel Balssa (Lyons conservatoire) will teach the viola da gamba and baroque cello, while Jean Tubéry (Lyons Conservatoire etc) will teach the recorder, cornet, ornamentation and chamber music.

Every day Béatrice Cramoix (Geneva Conservatoire) will teach baroque gestures to all students.