Professional formation

Are you employed or “intermittent status” resident in France?

Financing through the Continuous professional development fund is possible.

The Academy is presented by the “Rencontres Internationales de Musique Ancienne en Tregor”, an institution of professional continuous training. (Activity recorded under number 53 22 08441 22. This registration number does not assert State agreement. )

As such, there are financing opportunities with the professional continuous training authorities whether you are employed by the public or private sector or an occasional entertainment worker, according to diverse training plans, leave for vocational training, DIF…).

Territorial Public service

The state, communities and the territorial public institutions elaborate an annual or multiannual training plan for their agents, tenured or contracted. Trainings, notice of leave for vocational training and the DIF (Individual right for training can be considered. Consult your community employer to establish a request of coverage.

Employee of the Private sector

Plans : training plan, Personal leave for training ( CIF), DIF …Consult  Ask your employer through his OPCA (Approved joint collection committee -which finances the formations) or of the AFDAS (OPCA of the live performance) to establish a coverage request.Practical information: files must be transmitted to the AFDAS at the latest 15 days before the beginning of the formation


Plans : training plans Conditions, consult

Ask the AFDAS to establish a request of coverage.